The latest images by the all-sky cameras


Most of the all-sky cameras are off during the bright summer nights. Back in action next fall.

The time in the images is given in UTC. During the winter, UTC time is 2 hours less
than the local time in Finland. During the summer the difference is 3 hours.

N 67 ° 25.2' / E 26° 23.4'
Nyrölä observatory
N 62 ° 20' 33.2 " / E 25 ° 30' 35.6" / 209.1 m

Hankasalmi observatory
Jyväskylän Sirius ry
N 62 ° 15' 16" / E 26 ° 35' 59"
Helsinki, Kumpula, Dynamicum
N 60° 12' 09.0'' / E 24° 57' 51.0''
Metsähovin radiotutkimusasema
(Aalto yliopisto)

N 60 ° 13' 2.85 " / E 24 ° 23' 34.9" / 60.28 m

All-sky camera acquires images through so called fish-eye lense. The lense covers the whole sky but distorts the spatial scales so that auroral structures in the middle of picture are systematically larger than those near the horizon (c.f. the image on the convex side of a tea spoon). In the round field-of-view of the camera north is at the top and east at the right edge of the image. If the sky is overcast even detecting the round field-of-view from the black background can be difficult. The Moon is occasionally visible in the images as a bright stable spot, and should not be confused with auroras.


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